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St. Andrew’s, an independent college preparatory school dedicated to personalized student development, strives to develop engaged, well-rounded individuals by inspiring a passion for knowledge, a commitment to personal integrity and a deepened social consciousness within a supportive educational community.

St. Andrew’s School is firmly committed to our mission of developing students who are passionate about learning and are open to developing a greater social consciousness and improving personal integrity. We seek families who are committed to these same goals for their children and who are willing to partner with the school in the education of their children. Our exceptional faculty engages our students in extraordinary, hands-on opportunities every day. Our liberal arts approach to education begins in our preschool and concludes in the twelfth grade. We are proud not only that our graduates leave St. Andrew's well prepared for highly competitive colleges – but that they also return frequently to the campus to visit much loved teachers and former classmates.

St. Andrew's, a college preparatory school, provides a healthy balance of academics and activities for all students in a family-centered community. The cornerstone of the school's philosophy is the belief that each student has unique capabilities and needs which must be addressed on an individual basis. Located on Wilmington Island, St. Andrew's is known for challenging and nurturing young people in Pre K 3 through Grade 12 and has been designated an International Baccalaureate World School offering the Diploma Program. This distinction and the variety of offerings for students truly set St. Andrew's apart from other independent schools in the region.
With so much going on in all areas, your best bet to capture the essence of St. Andrew's is a visit to campus. You may see our PreK 3 class hosting a teddy bear picnic, third graders studying African American inventors and then constructing their own one-of-a-kind creation or Upper School students learning the basics of physics through a hands-on approach. Come see for yourself and find out why Coastal Family readers selected us in 2009 as the best private lower, middle and upper school in Savannah!