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School Health Professional


Rosemary Schuster, BSN, RN 
Heartsaver CPR and First Aid Instructor

The Health Clinic at St. Andrew's responds to the first aid, emergency first aid needs and health needs of your student during the school day. In addition, when the need arises, the School Nurse or designee, may administer prescription and over-the-counter medication with the written permission of a parent/guardian/physician.  The School Nurse coordinates health screenings for the preschool and school age child including; vision, hearing and scoliosis.  The Health Clinic receives and maintains the "Student Information and Permission Form" (Form A) and the "Student Health Information Form" (Form B).   In addition the clinic is responsible for ensuring that the school has on file a current immunization record on every student (Form 3231). The clinic provides Heartsaver CPR and First Aid classes to the faculty and staff requiring/desiring such certification.

Health Documents
All students MUST complete and submit the SAS Medical Forms (A and B) by 5-30-14 to attend the first day of class for 2014.

Contact Information
Location: The Health Professional's office is located in Room 415 in the Johnson Center and in the Bell Hall Faculty mail room.
Telephone: 912-897-4941, Ext. 415 or 308
Cell Phone: 912-631-0422 This is the best number to reach me at during the school day.
Fax: 912-897-4943 Bell Hall
Fax:  912-629-0136 Johnson Center

School Address:

St. Andrew's School
601 Penn Waller Road 
Savannah, GA 31410-4943
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